Wingate’s weight loss wonder reveals the secret to his success

13 February 2018

After January many people struggle to keep up their resolutions to lose weight or be more active. The result is that the UK wastes nearly £600 million a year on unused gym memberships.

But John Cairns from Wingate has the answers. Increasing health problems encouraged John to lose over 4 stones and dramatically change his lifestyle.

John, 61 came into contact with Wellbeing for Life because “he’d tried everything else to lose weight and nothing worked”; until he found something he enjoyed.

After contacting the free service, Health Trainer Sarah Howells got in touch and met with John in his own home to discuss how she could support him to achieve his health goals. Sarah listened and observed John’s lifestyle and they came up with a plan which included small and manageable changes he could make to help him lose weight, feel healthier and happier.

Implementing change was a struggle at first, but Sarah discovered he had a competitive streak so she would set him weekly challenges and the weight started to drop off.

John then helped to set up Wellbeing for Life’s Eat Wise to Drop a Size group at Wingate Community Centre, where he and other community members learn about nutrition, pick up recipe ideas, have weigh-ins and support each other while having a good natter.

John says “I haven’t found this journey easy, but it’s certainly been worth it. It’s become less of a struggle to walk due to my weight loss. I don’t get out of breath as much and its great socialising with old and new friends at the group. I still have a long way to go but my health issues are improving and I’m feeling really good.

My health trainer and I just hit it off, I enjoyed her banter and she gave me the confidence and motivation I needed, as well as sometimes a stern telling. Sarah has a lovely manner that really cheered me up. Even when times are difficult she helps me to find the positives. The continued support from the group members and Sarah keeps me motivated.

I think the secret to sticking to a healthy lifestyle is enjoyment. If you surround yourself with people you like and choose activities you enjoy, you’re more likely to achieve your goals.”

If you live in the Wingate area and would like to attend Wellbeing for Life’s Eatwise to Drop a Size group, it takes place every Friday morning at 10:15am. For More information contact Sarah on 07826884712