Come volunteer at Wellbeing For Life!

Come volunteer in County Durham!
Here at Wellbeing for Life, we are currently seeking volunteers to help with everything from weight management sessions (Eatwise) to physical activity and to admin.

We decided to interview our Volunteer Officer Bill Oxbrough to get more information about volunteering!

What tasks are given to volunteers?
There’s a wide range of tasks that can be given to volunteers, usually in support of our front-line staff. That could be in a group setting where they help set the group up and prepare for sessions, help with the activities in the sessions and support clients doing or completing paperwork. We will see what volunteers want to do at the start and develop a training plan for our volunteers to follow from there.

What are the benefits of volunteering?
Well, the benefits of volunteering are as many as the reasons people volunteer. Some people have spare time and want to do something meaningful, and some people have had successful careers and want to give something back. For others, it’s about connecting and wanting to meet a new group of people.

How will volunteering help others?
Volunteering massively helps other people, for example, it helps us with our delivery and it also helps you. It helps break down things like social isolation and helps you to connect with other people. It also helps other people to achieve their goals and potentially go down the volunteering route!

If you are interested in volunteering please contact [email protected] to get more information or to join our volunteering program.

Photo of Bill Oxbrough