Steve,46, Seaham

I started my wellbeing for life course, in June of this year (2015). I was signposted to the service after an appointment with a social worker, from Durham County Council.

At first, I was a little reluctant about the course and its aims. After the initial induction by Shaun Gooch (Health Trainer) I felt more at ease and more optimistic of a successful outcome.

From the initial meeting, I was provided resources and goals to use to improve my day to day diet and lifestyle on a session by session basis. The knowledge imparted by Shaun was invaluable. The “Eat Well Plate”, the card and chart’s (food labelling card) on levels of ingredients within food products I found was really useful. A resource I use now when shopping.

At each stage of the course everything was provided, understood and discussed before moving on to something ‘new’.

During the sessions, Shaun became aware of how my health and circumstances had led to isolation. Shaun signposted me to Healthworks Gym (Easington) and also to link 2 transport to travel there. He was at my first two induction sessions, which made the exercise (nearly 2½ years away from a gym environment) much easier, helped by the assistance of Mick Killeen (Healthworks volunteeer).

I am still following the lessons learnt, during the course, and I feel the course would benefit anyone who is looking to improve their lifestyle. Not only has the course benefitted myself (focus on goals, recommitting to exercise) it has benefitted the family from my more relaxed, calm and optimistic outlook.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the Wellbeing for life service to anyone to refocus one’s life in a positive way.

P.S. after talking to my Health Trainer and in conjunction with my GP, I have reduced the dosage of one of my medications, with no ill effects.

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