Lisa, 27, Seaham

Lisa is a 27 year old female from Seaham with severe learning disabilities and lives in a supported living complex with help from support workers daily. Lisa required help from support workers in making meals and getting out in to her local community.

This case study is written by Lisa’s Health Trainer:

Lisa wanted support with healthy eating and weight management, due to Lisa having severe learning disabilities she was unable to understand a lot of the conversations I was discussing with her. As a result of this, I took a lot more time at each session to discuss things and show Lisa visuals that would support her . I also ensured a support worker was present throughout each session so that they could help Lisa and so they could also be involved and gain the knowledge to support Lisa, as they were the ones who would be making meals and going shopping for Lisa.

As a result of our sessions together Lisa is a much happier, confident person now. She is enjoying going out to places with support staff and family and is able to make the right choices with guidance when choosing foods (if eating out). Lisa is now looking forward to a holiday with support staff and is  engaging in physical activity with staff and other residents in the supported living complex. Lisa also continues to be weighed weekly to keep track of her weight loss progress and continues to do weekly meal planners and food diaries to help keep motivated.

Our holistic approach

"I improved my wellbeing through stopping smoking and healthy eating."

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