Elizabeth, 34, Willington

Elizabeth is a 34 year old female from Willington who worked with a Health Trainer for support with healthy eating and weight management. Elizabeth was registered blind and had a starting BMI of 43.4.

This case study is written by Elizabeth’s Health Trainer:

I worked with Elizabeth each week, I would see her on days that her carer was available to accompany her to the surgery. I would lengthen the sessions where applicable. For example with portions I use food models to show what a portion size is. As Elizabeth is blind she needed time to feel and hold each portion in her hand and for me to discuss the size in great detail for her to be able to know exactly what a portion is of each food. This meant that the usual time of 30 minutes would not be sufficient so I blocked more time out for Elizabeth. I would take time in going through the food diaries with her as she did not fill these out herself. When discussing each meal I would have the portions for her to pick up and compare to the amount she was having in her meals.

Elizabeth lost just over half a stone while working with myself. This in turn increased her confidence. Elizabeth started to go out more often and increased the number of hours she could get out of the house to do more things. Elizabeth also started to cook more with the help of her partner and her carer and got great enjoyment from this. Originally Elizabeth would only cook cakes and biscuits, however with the recipe booklet I provided her with, she started to make healthy meals.

Elizabeth advised that she was ‘very happy with her progress’ and that she had also passed information on to her partner and her parents, so that they were changing their eating habits also. Elizabeth discussed that at the beginning of the programme she did not believe she would be able to reach her goal and be able to lose weight, but now that she has lost over 8 pounds she is determined to carry on herself and lose more.

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"I improved my wellbeing through stopping smoking and healthy eating."

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