Angela, 59, Ferryhill

Angela is a 59 year old female from Ferryhill who was referred into the service as part of the Ladder group sessions held at the Ladder Resource Centre at Ferryhill.

This case study is written by Angela’s Health Trainer:

Angela suffers from numerous conditions such as high blood pressure, depression, gastric problems and arthritis and was hoping to lose a little weight in order to be accepted for an operation to replace her knee (to improve her mobility). Angela was restricted to the amount of activity she could undertake due to her mobility issues and her knee problem.

Angela’s main area for support was based around healthy lifestyle changes so that a little weight loss could be achieved. The ultimate aim was for her to be accepted for surgery for a knee replacement which would give her long term improvements with her mobility in general. Angela’s motivation was initially low and she lacked confidence, however the most significant barrier was her mobility issues, as she was severely restricted when it came to increasing activity levels.

During our one to one time spent outside the group setting, we worked on a food diary. Each session we looked at making amendments to her diet by setting small achievable goals for her to complete. Areas such as the eat well plate and food portions were focused on. Support was also offered around increased activity levels but with a sensible and realistic focus on what she could achieve.

Appropriate levels of increased activity were discussed and tried and she tried her very best to increase her activity levels and we utilised other areas to increase her activity level such as general house work and DIY where appropriate.

Angela achieved a number of healthy lifestyle changes as well as some significant weight loss both during our sessions and after the group sessions were completed:

  • Increased fruit and vegetables
  • Increased fluid intake
  • Increased confidence and self esteem
  • Reduced weight
  • Reduced Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Understanding and awareness of long term health conditions
  • Knowledge of food labelling
  • Increased activity levels
  • Reduction of fats, salts and sugars
  • Portion control and awareness
  • Regularity of meals

She went on to lose further weight and reduce her BMI and was accepted for surgery for a knee replacement.

This has given her a massive confidence boost and has given her a focus to become more active.

Our holistic approach

"I improved my wellbeing through stopping smoking and healthy eating."

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