Client experience

We have listed some case studies from our clients.

Steve,46, Seaham

I started my wellbeing for life course, in June of this year (2015). I was signposted to the service after an appointment with a...  Read more

Angela, 59, Ferryhill

Angela is a 59 year old female from Ferryhill who was referred into the service as part of the Ladder group sessions held at...  Read more

Andy, 52, Ferryhill

Andy is a 52 year old male living in Ferryhill. He lives with his wife and daughter and is the main carer for his...  Read more

Elizabeth, 34, Willington

Elizabeth is a 34 year old female from Willington who worked with a Health Trainer for support with healthy eating and weight management. Elizabeth...  Read more

Lisa, 27, Seaham

Lisa is a 27 year old female from Seaham with severe learning disabilities and lives in a supported living complex with help from support...  Read more